Muang Samui Spa Resort

Koh Samui


Unwind to Thai classical music while enjoying Thai entrees prepared in the royal tradition by Master Chef Ajarn Amintra Dinakara Na Ayuddhaya, the former chef for the royal family, as well as a delightful selection of seafood and Italian cuisine. Across the road from the resort, the Samui Seafood Grill & Restaurant provides Thai-style decor and a superb variety of cuisine – perfect ingredients for a memorable night of fine dining. Samui Seafood is easily accessible and exudes a friendly, relaxed charm that truly captures the spirit of the island

Samui Seafood Grill & Restaurant

Ssuperb variety
of cuisine

Concept : Seafood, Thai, Italian,
International cuisine.
Open : 12:00-23.30 hrs
(lunch and dinner)