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The seagrass protection and restoration project launched!

The seagrass protection and restoration project launched!
We are honoured to launch a partnership with the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources to help plant and restore seagrass around Koh Samui’s coast.

In the early morning of 19th November 2022, during the low tide, our hotel staff and staff from the Department of Coastal Resources built a seagrass nursery station at the beachfront of Royal Muang Samui Villas as Koh Samuiā€™s first seagrass nursery station.
Over 1,000 seagrasses have been planted in the sea by our hotel staff,100 metres off the coast, covering an area of approximately 2 acres in Choeng Mon beach.

Seagrasses are marine angiosperms, widely distributed in shallow coastal areas of Thailand. They play several significant ecological roles including a highly productive source, nursery, and feeding ground for associated marine fauna, nutrient and detritus cycling source, stabilise and enrich sediments, and improve coastal water quality.
This project is a significant step forward for our environmental work to protect the marine environment in Koh Samui, supported by The Department of Marine and Coastal Resources, Chumphon Province.